If you are like most, your retirement vision may not be as clear as you would like.  You may be very clear on what you are retiring FROM, but not all that clear on what you are retiring TO!

Our experience has shown that retirement satisfaction doesn’t just happen.  Those who have made the transition successfully understand that "retirement” isn’t a destination, but the way that you live their life once you “shift gears”!

This is NOT a thirty-year long weekend, and satisfaction doesn’t automatically come because you are no longer working. 

As you think about your plans for the future, it is ideal that you take a complete look at where you are and where you want to be.  The work you spend on considering your retirement plans today will be the important foundation for the life you want to lead from here on!

Imagine a time when you are in retirement...what will you be doing?  What things will concern you?  What do you look forward to?  What do you wish you had planned for?

We have delivered retirement coaching programs to thousands of people around the world and on behalf of some of the largest institutions and educational organizations.


This course has been designed with the learner in mind.

While the content is important, it is not as important as how the participant feels about it.  

Our goal was to make this course as friendly and helpful as our in-person seminars.

Each course lesson is short, but impactful.  You can take as much or as little as you have time for as you progress through each lesson. In short, it has been specifically designed for you and those who will embark on your next great life journey!

By the end of this course, you will have a much clearer picture of the opportunities in your life in retirement.  A plan...a way to think...an understanding of what it takes to be happy and to “live on purpose”.


  • The six key concepts that will frame your retirement plan

  • A new way to think about planning for the later years

  • An opportunity to look at all parts at key life areas and consider the possibilities

  • Seven keys to later life success

  • An understanding of what science says about happiness at all life stages

  • How to best take control of life and “live on purpose”

  • The role that money plays in life satisfaction


  • Multiple learning tools to keep you engaged as you move through the course

  • Barry’s unique chat style to accompany the compelling visuals

  • Tools to help you collect your thoughts and then refer to them at any time in the future (yes, including that all-important bucket list!)

  • Excerpts from the book “So You Think You are Ready to Retire?” to expand on the course as you go along

  • In-course discussion and access to Barry LaValley as a coach

Barry LaValley

Hi, my name is Barry LaValley and I am pleased that you have taken time to look at our retirement course. I’m not just your instructor in this course, but rather your personal coach. It represents a life-long passion to help people make good decisions about their future.

I guess it started many years ago when i was a financial adviser. I thought you could solve all sorts of problems with money and I recognized pretty quickly that wealth was about much more than money.

Wealth is our ability to do what we want, when we want and how we want. While I was trained in the financial implications of our life decisions, I wondered where the people were that could actually teach my clients how to plan their lives to “do what they want”.

Since my formal education was in psychology, I thought that I would combine what I knew about how we act, feel and think with money management. That was forty years ago.

Today I am in my late sixties. It’s amazing how much I have learned about life simply by participating in it for all these years. Now all of my education and experience makes sense! I hope it does for you too!


"We have showcased Barry LaValley across Canada on several occasions and have received strong reviews on his performance. He seems to have hit a nerve when he talks about Retirement Lifestyle planning and attendees at our presentations were both informed and entertained.”

~ Myles Morin, Vice President, Wealth Management, Manulife Financial

"It’s a great and wonderful presentation! Definitely motivating, inspiring and thought provoking! I wish I had brought my 74 year old father as I think this would also benefit him a lot by motivating him with all the meaningful suggestions.”

Mary and Ken Low, Richmond, B.C.

I have worked with Barry for years now, and he has spoken at countless client events and retirement workshops for our firm. He is well informed, warm, caring and  humorous, taking the audience on a valuable and thought-provoking journey to look into their retirement futures.


The feedback we receive is always glowing.  Anyone thinking they are ready to retire should first engage in a conversation with Barry!

David Andrew

President, Capital-Partners Perth

"The best seminar I have attended. It was funny, emotional and informative. Now I want to take a good look at my life and try and found out what I really want and need!”

Christina Meeuwen, Windsor, Ontario

"My husband and I are retired, this was a wonderful refresher!”

Eva Tremblay, Point Claire, P.Q

"This was so helpful. I enjoyed all the information and especially having a guide to help me work through this. Mr. LaValley is an excellent presenter, thorough, clear and entertaining. Thank you.”

~ Bill Evans, Burlington, Ontario



  • I don’t have time to do this!

    My grandmother used to say, “A stitch in time saves nine”! Take the time to lay out your foundation for the rest of your life. It is just that important.

  • This seems like a lot of work!

    The good news is that you can do it at your own pace. Remember that the way you eat an elephant is one bite at a time (or so I have been told by veteran elephant eaters!).

  • I have a financial adviser and we have things pretty much in hand.

    I think that’s great, unless the retirement plan is just a financial plan. Our course gives you much to think about that should actually be reflected in a financial plan.

  • My husband manages our money and he’s not interested.

    Ah, I have heard that before!! Remember that this is your life too. Also, this course was designed to give couples the opportunity to talk about their future.

  • Can’t I just do this on my own?

    You could buy my books or look at videos. The question really is, “Will you?” This is a painless (and fun) way to make a plan in an organized and systematic way to build your own plan.

You know that you should make a plan, but you are just not sure how.

You want to validate what you have already thought about. 

What the heck, your retirement will just look after itself! 
Right? WRONG.

If you feel that maybe there is more to retirement planning than reading cruise brochures and taking golf lessons, then this course is for you!

Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu once wrote that, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Today is the start of the rest of your life and it is a good idea to build a strong foundation for your future.


"Barry LaValley’s Retirement Lifestyle seminar is an example of the unique value that he brings to his clients. I recently attended one of his sessions and have changed my retirement philosophy from “Freedom 55” to “Freedom 35”.

~Duff Young, Author and Columnist

"Barry LaValley was very well-received by the attendees at our recent money show in Winnipeg. His information and delivery style received rave reviews from the audience. We would not hesitate to bring him back again.”

~Marnie Straith, The Winnipeg Free Press

"Another couple aged 52, raved about how well organized and presented the presentation was. It has changed the way her and her husband are planning their retirement.”

~Val Cuvelier, General Manager, Coast Capital Savings

"In 17 years as an Investment Adviser ~ holding client seminars and presentations ~ never have I seen a client audience so interactive and animated. I have never received such positive reviews after such an event as I did here!”

~Alison Keane, Branch Manager, Nesbitt Burns

"It is not easy to retire, to let go of the contacts and knowledge you’ve built up. I realized I was not exempt from the aging process and wanted to retire while I was in high demand.”

~ Irwin Hamilton