Online providers seek to replace your advice with platforms that appeal to the do-it-yourselfer.  You recognize the need to form deeper human connections to set yourself apart from the clutter.

The ‘new’ financial advisor understands that clients need a coach to help them make sense of how their life and their money connect.  The role of the advisor changes from being an expert on the financial and now moves to becoming an expert on the client.

The skills needed to accomplish this are different than those of the traditional financial advisor.  Everything changes, from the way you market yourself to the way you conduct discovery to the way you create a client experience.

A crowded marketplace and advisors everywhere fighting to convince clients that the value they deliver is worth the price paid.  A maturing client looking for leadership, coaching and mentoring as he or she seeks to make their later years fulfilling.

Emerging from this confusion is a new kind of advisor, the kind of advisor that retiring clients did not know that they were looking for!

That advisor is the Life-First Advisor, the modern client coach.

That advisor is YOU!

We have delivered our Life-First coaching programs to thousands of Financial Advisers around the world and on behalf of some of the largest institutions and educational organizations.


This course has been designed with the student in mind.

While the content is important, it is not as important as how the participant feels about it.  

Our goal was to make this course as friendly and helpful as our in-person seminars.

Each course lesson is short, but impactful.  You can take as much or as little as you have time for as you progress through each lesson. In short, it has been specifically designed for you and your team to move your practice towards life and coaching for your clients.

By the end of this course, you will have a much clearer picture of the opportunities in your practice to "make a difference". A plan... a way to think... an approach that helps.


  • The changing nature of financial advice

  • A new way to think about the role you can play in a client’s life

  • An opportunity to look at the way you communicate with your clients including the way you position and brand yourself

  • Life-First discovery, a new way to approach “know your client”

  • An understanding of the life issues your clients face as they get older and a consideration of the financial implications

  • The role that money plays in life satisfaction


  • Multiple learning tools to keep you engaged as you move through the course

  • Barry’s unique chat style to accompany the compelling visuals

  • Tools drawn from his advisor courses where you can collect your thoughts and then refer to them at any time in the future

  • Excerpts from the book “The Life-First Advisor” to expand on the course as you go along

  • In-course discussion and access to Barry LaValley as a coach

Barry LaValley

Hi, my name is Barry LaValley and I am pleased that you have taken time to look at our Life-First Advisor course. I’m not just your instructor in this course, but rather your personal coach. It represents a life-long passion to help advisors make a bigger difference in the lives of their clients. It is also my belief that many advisors simply need to communicate more effectively the value that they bring.

I guess it started many years ago when i was a financial adviser. I thought you could solve all sorts of problems with money and I recognized pretty quickly that wealth was about much more than money.

Wealth is our ability to do what we want, when we want and how we want. While I was trained in the financial implications of our life decisions, I wondered where the people were that could actually teach my clients how to plan their lives to “do what they want”.

Since my formal education was in psychology, I thought that I would combine what I knew about how we act, feel and think with money management. That was forty years ago.

Today I am in my late sixties. It’s amazing how much I have learned about life simply by participating in it for all these years. Now all of my education and experience makes sense! I hope it does for you too!


“Barry LaValley and David Haintz deliver a wealth of insight about the changing landscape of the financial advisory business. By sizing up the complex role of the advisor, they offer a new model for success based on a deep understanding of where clients are and, more importantly, where clients aspire to be.”

~ Dave Butler, Co-CEO and Head of Global Financial Advisor Services, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Austin, Texas, USA

“The financial services industry is about to be disrupted and not before time!  For too long the industry has served the money first, not the client. To survive this momentous change, financial advisors will need to place the client at the centre of everything they do, and the 'Life First Advisor' will help them do just that. It is a must-read for any financial advisor wanting to grow and prosper.”

~ David Andrew, Founder and CEO, Capital Partners Private Wealth, Perth, Australia

“All around the world, we're seeing a great awakening in the financial advice profession. For too long it's been far too focused on products. But picking products is not how advisers add value -- it never was -- and increasingly the emphasis is on areas where a good adviser really does make a difference. First and foremost, advice is about the client and helping them do the things they want to do while they have the opportunity. This book is for advisers who want to do the right thing -- and build a world-class business in the process. It's long overdue.”

~ Robin Powell, Author, and Principle, The Evidence-based Investor, Birmingham, UK

Barry LaValley & David Haintz help advisors dig beneath the surface to uncover what's truly important to clients. Living a life with purpose is the ultimate goal, but how do you get there? How do you increase the value you offer clients and make a meaningful impact while competing against regulatory and technological threats to your business?  Read on to find out and become an enlightened advisor that not only survives but thrives in the future.”

~ Sybil Verch,, SVP, National Director Wealth Management, Raymond James Ltd., Private Client Group, Victoria, B.C. Canada

“There are very few people in the world who understand Financial Advisors and great advice as well as Barry and David.  Their lifetimes of learning are now documented to help others provide the care to the folks who need it most.  This is a must-read for those who simply want to improve their care to clients.”

~ Alex Potts, CEO, Loring Ward Incorporated, San Jose CA, USA

“David Haintz and Barry LaValley have hit the nail on the head! They know 'why' they do what they do and they recognise 'why' advisers are going to have to help people know 'why' they are taking control of their destiny. Each of us has a unique purpose in life. We want to work with people who will enable us to unlock the potential we have within us with our talents and resources that can be put to use to achieve our objective in life. Financial mastery is one of the keys to maximising our potential. The advice business has to adapt to become an enabler and not merely a distributor. People don't buy what we do, they buy why we do it and this book helps us to clarify that 'why'.”

~ Kevin Bailey, Founding Director of Shadforth Financial Group, and former FPA Director, Melbourne, Australia



  • I don’t have time to do this!

    My grandmother used to say, “A stitch in time saves nine”! Take the time to lay out your foundation for the rest of your life. It is just that important.

  • This seems like a lot of work!

    The good news is that you can do it at your own pace. Remember that the way you eat an elephant is one bite at a time (or so I have been told by veteran elephant eaters!).

  • I already do this for my clients.

    I think that’s great! It is important to do it, but equally important to be seen to be doing it! . Our course gives you much to think about that should actually be reflected in your differentiation and branding.

  • Can’t I just do this on my own?

    You could buy my books or look at videos. The question really is, “Will you?” This is a painless (and fun) way to make a plan in an organized and systematic way to build your own plan.


“Drawing on decades of experience, David and Barry reset the focus for good advice to clients' own lives. This is not only a refreshing and principled approach, it's a successful one.”

~ Jim Parker, writer and communications professional, Sydney, Australia 

“Digitalization of the advisor’s traditional value proposition of financial and investment planning and money management is commoditizing the delivery of advice.  How then, are advisors to demonstrate value to their clients?

The answer, I believe, rests in their ability to take on a new role that cannot be assumed by technology — the role of counselor, coach, confidante. Regrettably, many advisors are unprepared for that upgrade and there are few resources to educate and equip them for their new responsibilities — until now.

The Life-First Advisor is the first and only fully comprehensive guide I have seen that not only establishes the required new principles of client engagement but is also replete with checklists, processes, scripts, and advice — all designed to enable advisors of today to become the advisors of tomorrow. If that is your ambition, this course is a great place to start!”

~ George Hartman, Author, President, Market Logics Inc, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“The Life-First Advisor is an essential read for all financial advisors and planners.  Financial Life Planners will read this with a degree of recognition and comfort that they adopt this way of working. Those who still focus simply on the money part will shudder to their core, and start to reflect on the way in which they operate their businesses in the future.  From explaining why the life-first approach is so relevant for clients and advisers alike, right through to designing a practice to enable the work to happen naturally, this is a step-by-step guide on future-proofing your business. For any new advisers starting out, you would do well to read this and model your business accordingly. Without a doubt, a blue-print for any practice that wants to put their clients' Life-First”

~ Jeremy Squibb DipPFS, RLP, Financial  Life Planner & Head of Life Planning, Serenity Financial Planning, London, England

“In this book Barry LaValley and David Haintz provide important insights that form the foundations of building and growing meaningful client relationships.  This work is relevant and easily applicable to everyday practice.  Barry and David are masters at providing essential information and this book is an essential guide to any financial professional who wants to be an elite wealth advisor.  Barry LaValley has been bringing the critical lessons of brain science to the wealth advisor community for years.  Nobody does it better.”

~Mont Levy, Principal, Buckingham Asset Management, St. Louis, MO, USA

“Real financial advice is all about that messy overlap of money and meaning. Of course, the problem with that reality is that very few advisors have been taught exactly how to navigate that landscape. What David and Barry have provided here is not really a's a map!

Follow it with care.”

~ Carl Richards, Behavior Gap, Author and New York Times Columnist Park City Utah, USA

"We have had a great working relationship and friendship with Barry for many years.  

Barry has shared his wisdom and insights at numerous client events, retirement workshops for our clients, the public and with our advisory team.

His knowledge, expertise, engagement, willingness to share and ability to relate to his audience are greatly valued.

For our advisors, they now have far deeper and more meaningful conversations with their clients in assisting them to plan for and lead more fulfilling lives in retirement."  

Jacob Wolt, Managing Partner

Cambridge Partners, Christchurch NZ

“Most in the industry can see a change coming in the way that advice is delivered and the role that the advisor will play in a client’s life.  This book by Barry and David is a great roadmap for how advisors can prepare their practice for change.  It is a step-by-step instruction for a communications and financial planning strategy that will not only set the advisor apart but form the foundation of what future advisors will be doing.”

~ Wade Baldwin, Chair- Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada, Calgary, Alberta, Canada